The Ascended Master Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene Healing Ray and Angelic Reiki have such a powerful influence on our lives and I feel that you may like to know how the workshops are likely to change your current reality.

Here are a few testimonials from the last 5 years:

Online – Ascended Master Lady Nada – Mary Magdalene Healing Ray 2020/2021

  •  I have received this gorgeous attunement this morning, it is so beautiful, such a welcome home.  A.H
  • Thank you Dear Caroline & Rosemary.  C.M.
  • WOW! absolutely amazing!  I felt the symbols coming down to my heart centre, I felt my throat expand, my chest expand – I could feel the energy pumping into my aura with each beat of my heart, my hands were red hot.  J.R. 2021
  • “I found myself with tears running down my cheeks-not tears of sadness but tears of gladness” J.R 2021
  • “I Cant wait to practise on myself and friends” Z Yu-Cian – 2021

Angelic Reiki 2020

  • Can I just say thank you so much for another wonderful course.  Your sessions are always so uplifting and informative and most importantly well structured and organised.  I came away from my Masters course feeling confident and far more practiced and experienced as a consequence with signposting to lots more useful information should I need it.  Not only do you cover all the course requirements but you always go the extra mile and give value added to your learners.  I would highly recommend both your courses to anyone who wishes to pursue Level 1&2 and Masters Angelic Reiki.


  • Awesome, thank you!

Angelic Reiki Level 1&2  & Angelic Masters 2019


  • This course has been life changing for me. Thank you Caroline, you are amazing.  SR


  • Thank you Caroline for a perfect weekend, beautiful, I will always remember it. JG


  • Thank you Caroline for a most powerful, wonderful weekend.   Some great healings happened.  S O’S


  • What am absolutely awesome weekend.  I loved every minute and learnt so much.  Caroline you are an amazing teacher, thank you. D.E


  • Thank you Caroline for such a fantastic weekend.  I couldn’t have asked for a better group to be with.  I.P


  • The teaching was well paced with great and easy to follow training materials.  You were knowledgeable and helpful with any questions we asked.  The opportunities we had to both practice and receive healing were fantastic as you coached us through each step of the process in a really encouraging and confidence building way.  I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone as it was both professionally delivered and excellent value for money.  S.C.


  • Thank you Caroline.  This course exceeded my expectations.  Caroline was so good at delivering it, the group was lovely.  The whole weekend can only be described as magical and I can’t recommend it enough.    N.R.


  • Great weekend Caroline.  It was inspiring and uplifting.  So lovely to be with other like minded souls in that wonderful bubble, huge thanks.  J. L.



Angelic Reiki Masters & Level 1&2 – 2018

  • Lovely, enjoyable and relaxing course.  It has been filled with healing sessions that have given amazing experiences.  Recommended to anyone who want to work with Angels.  N L.R


  • A beautiful course, a lovely bonding experience with a gorgeous group of like-minded people. Caroline is so generous in giving of her time, knowledge and experience.  L.N.


  • Thank you so much Caroline for such a wonderful experience on the Angelic Reiki 3&4 workshop.  I would not have chosen to do this with anybody else.  You are such a beautiful person with a wonderful energy and most of all an amazing teacher.  M.B.


  • What a wonderful informative workshop. Caroline is unflappable.  She answers all questions fired at her with a calm, clarity and signposts us on to further reading.  The meditations are deeply provocative.  I feel I have learnt so much and developed both my techniques, knowledge and professional practice whilst on this Angelic Reiki Masters course.   Thank you so much Caroline for pulling a sharing and empowering group together.  H. M.


  • Caroline is a very warm and caring teacher. the Angelic Reiki course has been so inspiring. thank you Caroline . GC-B


  • A very uplifting and inspiring weekend.  I went away charged with blessings from the angels. G.D.


  • A Course – of Course!  Run by a professional of the highest quality – Caroline.  You are an earth angel. D.E.


  • Caroline is a kind and patient teacher.  The Angelic Reiki Workshop was a powerful introduction to energy healing work.  It was transformational.  Thank You and Thank You Angels.  C.J.


Angelic Reiki Master Teacher – 2017

  • Thank you for another fabulous weekend of pureness with the angels.  Oct 2017


  • I really enjoyed the Angelic Reiki course, the weekend was very relaxing with laughter and fun.  We learnt loads from you .  You are a very good teacher and very intuitive..  Thank you for a wonderful 3 days.  A.H. 2017


  • Thank you for a wonderful inspirational weekend.  I cannot tell you how much I loved the experience.  Thank you Caroline for your teaching and guidance,  I feel that I have been given a wonderful gift.  T.B. Oct 2017


  • I was guided back to Caroline to achieve my Angelic Reiki Masters.  The workshop weekend was emotional, inspirational and amazing!  Caroline is a great tutor who I would recommend to anyone thinking of exploring on their spiritual journey.  A Wonderful adventure and a great weekend spent with like minded people.  S.F. 2017


  • Imagine visiting a sanctuary where there is so much magic and mystery the world recedes to a far, far distant place.  Caroline is able to create this space for us so we can experience aspects of the Angelic realms.  The Archangels and our own angel guides wrap beautiful healing energies around us.  As students going through these attunements we experienced so much it is difficult to describe many of those experiences.  The practical healing of each other is a very humbling and emotional experience that transcends anything the outside world has to offer.  Simply put, when you do the Masters prepare for awe and wonder on a divine stage.  M.W. Oct 2017


Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 –  2017

  • Wow! what an amazing weekend.  Caroline is such a lovely gentle teacher.  She provides a loving atmosphere in which you feel safe, valued and fully supported.  I now feel ready to include Angelic Reiki into my daily life. Thank you.  J.B.  Sept 2017


  • A wonderful and insightful course which has given me confidence to grow as a person and professionally.  M.C. Sept 2017


  • Wonderful course!  It met and succeeded all my expectations!  Cant wait to start practicing and I am really looking forward to starting my journey.  L.N. Sept 2017


  • Caroline has really inspired me to pursue my interest in the angels.  The course completely fulfilled my expectations and in fact provided me with SO much more.  Her methods are sensitive and intuitive, a wonderful  experience which will stay with me forever.  A.H. Sept 2017


  • Caroline is very down to earth and very informative and runs a very lovely angelic reiki course.  B.W. Sept 2017


  • This weekend has been a truly amazing experience.  I feel so uplifted and re-charged. Caroline has so much knowledge and is such an amazing teacher.  Thank you so much!  J.S. Sept 2017


  • I just wanted to send you a big thank you and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the course. You made the experience so wonderful and relaxed. On the last day I really felt that it all clicked into place for me. M.B. 2017


  • Absolutely breath-taking experience. Caroline led us gently through some absolutely amazing healing on all levels. I have Reiki experience already but this is a totally different healing discipline. The healing is gentle but incredibly powerful. Our attunements and the guided meditation sessions over the three days were amazing. I lost count of the different healing energies that came through from my own Healing Angel, Ascended Masters and Galactics. We had plenty of time to practice healing on each other. I feel I can move on in my own journey thanks to the beautiful healing I received which was channelled by the other students. This course exceeded all my expectations. I feel I must now go on and experience the Angelic Reiki Master Level workshop with Caroline. Caroline and the other students on this course. I cannot thank you enough for the shared experiences which will always be amongst my most treasured memories. MW.Stafford
  •  Thank you for the most amazing weekend of angels, laughter and tears that I could have ever imagined.I will never be able to explain it to anybody, although I’m not sure I actually want to.Yesterday my mind kept drifting to the beautiful angelic frequencies I experienced and definitely kept me a float of lifes pressures.  VJ


Angelic Reiki Master Teacher –  2016

  • Awesome – Thanks! NW


  • I felt extremely privileged to complete my Angelic Reiki Masters with Caroline. The location was special, Caroline was extremely professional in her deliver and approach which completed the Heavenly weekend.  Caroline listened, explained well and was able to guide us to answers, empowered us within our own Divine Energy.  Her knowledge and experience was demonstrated throughout the whole weekend.  Inspirational and innovative in thought.  Highly recommend you ‘Dive In’ and Experience!  BH


  • A wonderful three days with lovely, like minded people completing levels 3&4 to become and Angelic Reiki Master.  I would highly recommend working with Caroline and the Angels to become attuned to this healing technique.  JF


Level 1&2 – July 2016

  • Amazing weekend, very thought provoking with lots of fun.  D. T
  • A thoroughly enjoyable course.  Thank you.  A happy weekend spent learning, practising and sharing healing experiences.  R. T.
  • Hi Caroline I would like to say what a lovely 2.5days I had learning Angelic Reiki, you made us all welcome and comfortable and in a lovely setting you filled us up with loads of information and your guided meditations were an experience in a wonderful calming way, the other ladies were lovely too, who same as me wanted to learn what you kindly have to offer.  thankyou so much, you are a very lovely lady and its been a pleasure to spend time and learn with you I will be looking forward to the next level of Angelic Reiki.  J.H.


Level 1&2 – April 2016

  • A wonderful and inspiring course.  I just didn’t want it to end.  Caroline is a fantastic teacher and very down to earth. I am now looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey through Angelic Reiki.  I would highly recommend this course with Caroline.  T.B.  April 2016

Angelic Reiki Masters October 2015

  • A beautiful long weekend of Angelic Healing in a relaxed environment.  Caroline is a friendly and down to earth teacher and along with the other workshop participants I had a wonderful tine..  Thank You !  PB  October 2015
  • Thank you Caroline its been such a privlidge to take my Angelic Reiki journey with you.  I believe that people come into your life for a reason and I was definitely meant to do my course with you.  A fantastic course and I would recommend you to anyone.  KC  October 2015
  • Having just completed the Angelic Reiki Masters Course which was amazing, professional and fun, I now feel ready to use my wonderful gift.  Thank you Caroline.  PR  2015

Level 1&2 – July 2015

  • A wonderful experience, extremely thought provoking and an energy that will benefit my family and I from now on. LL  July 2015
  • A very enjoyable experience.  I have become aware of energies and their abilities to heal beyond normal perception.  To be attuned to this level is very therapeutic.  N La R  July 2015

Angelic Reiki Masters April 2015

  • Just had a fantastic weekend with Caroline doing my Angelic Reiki Masters, Beautiful energy, amazing personal experiences. Cannot recommend Caroline enough, excellent teacher and listener. Weekend just flew by. T.H. April 2015

Level 1&2 – March 2015

  • My mind has been opened and the light of the angels is apparent always… F.N.. (2015)
  • A wonderful course – I cant wait to get healing using Angelic Reiki! J.F. (2015)
  • I found Caroline a fantastic teacher who was able to explain everything we were working through in a clear manner. It was such a fun course and we were able to discuss all of our experiences in a comforting enviornment – will definitely train further with Caroline K.C. (2015)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the training …. Caroline is a 1st rate healer and an exemplary teacher L.M. (2015)
  • Thank you Caroline for an amazine Angelic Reiki course. Looking forward to the next level. P.R. (2015)
  • A fantastic weekend of beautiful Angelic Healing. P.B. (2015)
  • Wow ! I have had an amazing weekend. I would recommend this course to anyone on their healing journey. S.L-B. (2015)

2014 Feedback

  • I did the Reiki 1&2 with Caroline(June 2014), it is the most amazing experience of my life, Caroline is an amazing teacher and i look forward to my journey through Angelic Reiki in the future. C.W. Bury
  • Caroline, thank you for a most informative and enjoyable weekend. I feel this course has opened up new and exciting avenues for me to venture into and explore. As you know I was a little sceptical and needed more reassurance than most, but thanks to you I now know that there is more than just this world. I can’t explain how different I feel, but others have noticed that I seem to be happier and have a certain glow that I didn’t have before. This was my first step onto a new and exciting spiritual path and I can’t thank you enough. For anyone out there that is unsure, as I was, give it a try and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. J.A. Stafford
  • Angelic Reiki Master Teacher Level – Thank you Caroline for providing high quality Masters’ training, this surpassed all my expectations. I felt I had learnt so much about the different approaches to angelic reiki healing as well as how to apply them intuitively. It also helped me to shift blocks to my self development as a healer. I found your teaching approach very caring and down to earth, enabling me to feel safe in sharing my own thoughts and feelings openly in respect to past and present personal difficulties. I now feel empowered and motivated towards developing as a healer, and incorporating my new skills within my practice as a counsellor and hypnotherapist. Thanks again ! CT – Warrington, Cheshire.
  • Thank you for a wonderful weekend. I have such a feeling of peacefulness inside that came over me during the weekend and has remained with me. Also a feeling of lightness and just a sense of not needing to worry about things anymore – a knowingness that everything is going to be just fine! I did not think the course would have such a dynamic effect! Truely amazing and looking forward to working with the Angelic Realms. Thank you for your knowledge and creating a nice space for us to work. RF 2013
  • The weekend was an excellent way to meet like minded people. The Angelic Reiki workshop was a very nurturing and natural energy vibration to work with. Caroline is a lovely lady with much spiritual knowledge and an aura of angelic energy. TC 2013
  • Caroline, I really enjoyed the Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2 weekend, I feel I have really developed on my spiritual journey and look forward to healing others through the help of angels. Thank you. CW 2013
  • Caroline is a very special person and her work shops are amazing. I would recommend her. JS 2013
  • Caroline, thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity and for guiding me further along my spiritual path. KC 2013
  • Really enjoyed the workshops – didn’t want the weekend to come to an end! Many thanks, Thank you. RR 2013
  • Just a quick note to say thank you for an enlightening course. It was easy and relaxed and I am looking forward to continue to practice my healing. It had left me, although initially tired, very uplifted. L.L. Rugeley
  • I booked onto the Angelic Reiki 1 and 2 workshop with Caroline. I was a bit skeptical at first but was soon put at ease and found myself deeply engrossed in what was happening. The sessions flew by and I found myself in awe of the Angels and the tranquil feelings that I had then and that have remained with me. I practice self healing every night which has left me very calm and relaxed. This has helped me to sort out my inner feelings and I now recognize when I am being nudged into something so I am not afraid to ask for help from the Angels and the Cosmos.
  •            This is a wonderful course for beginners and I would recommend it to everyone.” Carol in Nottingham
  • Angelic Reiki is also wonderful for physical healing. On 16 April I had surgery on my left shoulder. As an Angelic Reiki Master, I naturally used self healing along with the prescribed pain relief and exercised as recommended by the surgeon. I found that it was not necessary to take as much pain relief medication as prescribed and at the three week check up the surgeon was surprised at the mobility in my shoulder and left arm! My love and gratitude to my Healing Angel and the Angelic Realms.