Mary Magdalene Healing Ray


All About The Mary Magdalene Healing Ray

Rosemary Stephenson ( and myself have put together our Lady Nada/Mary Magdalene Healing Ray online workshop consisting of 2 levels as detailed below.  It is a powerful healing system to use for Self Healing or for Healing others.

We have both been to Qumran in Israel and while were were there we were given the Divine Light Code Sound Symbols and shown the way to bring this powerful Divine Heart Energy Healing to share with all people who are feeling the call to spread Divine Love as we re-connect to the Essenes, opening our hearts and spreading Divine Love more fully, unconditionally, which is SO necessary at this important time on our planet for the Light.

Video Clip
  • This  short video on the first Sacred Sound Healing Light Code Symbol will connect you to Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada and Sandanda, Jesus the Christ energies.
  • I also offer treatments with the Mary Magdalene Healing Ray, please contact me to make an appointment.
“I found myself with tears running down my cheeks-not tears of sadness but tears of gladness” JR 2021
Ascended Master Lady Nada
As Mary Magdalene Healing Ray
Levels 1 & 2
Level 1

Activation & Attunement to the

3 Sacred Light Code Symbols

Gifted from Mary Magdalene


  • All the symbols are encoded with Pure Divine Love & Sacred Sound Vibrations,
  • When you register for Level 1 this workshop will be emailed out to you as an online workshop to do in your own time.
 You will receive…
  • A recorded video of Rosemary explaining to you about the Mary Magdalene system of healing and then she will attune you through her voice & magical crystal bowls to the 3 Sacred Light Code Symbols.
  • You will also receive a full colour PDF document with information on Mary Magdalenes energies, Healing Techniques and information on Mary Magdalene as a Myrrophore – sacred oils etc plus images of the 3 Sacred Sound Symbols.
Level 1 will attune you on a foundation level and activate you back into the Essene Family with Mary Magdalene & Lady Nada
Cost £99
Level 2
  •  Full attunement and activation to a further 5 Sacred Sound Light Codes.
  • This attunement will be arranged with Rosemary. She will attune you virtually through Skype. Rosemary will use her voice, magical crystal bowls & harp etc
  • A comprehensive PDF manual with information on
  • The Essenes and Daily Prayers
  • Information on Lady Nada
  •  A recorded mantra and attunement via video to the Christ / Alena energy recorded at the Sea of Galilee.
  •  Images of the 5 Sacred Sound Light Codes gifted by Mary Magdalene.


Price £162