Angelic Reiki Treatments

“Angels bring a heavenly dimension to everyday life”.

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What is Angelic Reiki Healing?

Reiki as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary is :

‘A healing technique based on the principle that the Therapist can channel energy into the Patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the Patients body and restore physical and emotional well-being’.

 Angelic Reiki Treatments

I have a Covid Secure Workplace Policy in place to which I and  clients follow.


Treatments are conducted in a tranquil, safe and supportive environment and usually last around an hour.

A medical and lifestyle history is taken during the first consultation. Ample time is allowed at the start of each treatment for the client to discuss if they wish, whatever is troubling them. They then sit or lie down, fully clothed, and are encouraged to relax.

What Happens?

The practitioner  places their hands gently on the client’s body. Healing energy that is perfect in its conception and transmission is accessed by the practitioner and channelled to the client from a neutral space. When healing with Angelic Reiki is instigated, both the client and practitioner receive a down pouring of Soul energy, and divine Angelic Archetypes are anchored, causing a transformational shift in consciousness. Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and/or Galactic Healers then reach into the past to heal all memories of suffering. For the recipient, any old thought-forms not in-tune with the Divine Vibration become dislodged and transmuted to a higher vibration. Non-harmonious physical, emotional and mental conditions are relieved, promoting very deep healing and transformation which can bring about seemingly miraculous physical effects.

Every treatment is unique. What the client and the practitioner may see, feel, sense… varies considerably, and may be profound beyond words to describe fully. At the end of the treatment, each discusses what has been experienced, and the practitioner passes on specific Angelic Guidance.

After the treatment, healing continues to be absorbed at the appropriate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level(s).

Absent (distant) Angelic Reiki treatments are equally powerful in terms of healing potency, and the procedure is virtually the same, except that the client is not physically present.

The healer also receives this energy, which enables them to perceive the causes of disease more clearly. They also become more attuned to working with the beings of Light on the higher dimensions whose purpose it is to anchor Divinity on the Earth.

Some of the benefits that can be gained during an Angelic Reiki healing sessions :

Angelic Reiki is deeply relaxing, it  helps you find inner peace, it also calms the mind & body and promotes a feeling of lightness and may provide some relief for pain or tension in the body. Angelic Reiki is particularly beneficial for stress, anxiety etc and may help assist us in promoting positive life changes.

You are a unique individual and each angelic reiki treatment will be for your specific needs.

  • Having suffered high levels of stress and tiredness recently, I decided to find a new, non-medicine way to relax! Looking at alternative practices on google, I found Caroline and decided to book an appointment for Angelic Reiki. I had heard of Angelic Reiki before but wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect from the treatment. Caroline made me feel very welcome, and she explained exactly what would happen during the session. The session lasted for about an hour and I felt so relaxed and energised after it! I’m now going to go regularly for treatments. Caroline is a very professional and friendly practitioner and I would recommend her to everyone! S.P. Staffs. June 2016
  • Caroline, Thank you for your healing with all my heart, you bought me peace.  Thank You.  J.C  2019

Included in the Angelic Reiki treatment price is a crystal, charged with the Angelic vibration for you to take with you to continue the Angelic Healing.

Cost of treatment £35.00

To book a Angelic Reiki treatment or to find out more information please call/text Caroline on 07960 202391 or email

Angelic Reiki Training/Courses are held regularly in Staffordshire, they are in easy distance of Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Crewe, Lichfield, Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, England, united kingdom